Learn About the Benefits That

Come With Installing Solar Panels

Government Incentives

With federal tax credits and state rebates in place, the return on investment of your solar panels has never been better.  The Investment Tax Credit allows for a 30% tax credit on the cost of the system, with no cap on the amount you can claim as a credit.

Financing Options

Solar panels can be leased for 15-20 years for those companies that do not want to put forth the upfront cash payment for a system.  Although in this situation the business would not receive the government incentives, instead they would pay a fixed rate for the use of the power, receiving cheaper, stable power.

Reduce Operating Costs

Regardless of whether or not you lease your solar panels or pay for them upfront, corporate utility costs will decline to the point where the savings can balance out the cost of the solar system and then some!  Businesses can also protect themselves from rising utility costs and making this a fixed expense when choosing to go solar.

Reputation and Marketing Advantages

Making a commitment to investing in solar panels represents a commitment to care, quality and operational efficiency. Marketing your building as a green building is also likely to attract media attention.

See if Going Solar is Right For You.